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Austin Adult Driver Education

Easy Street Driving School offers adult driving lessons, primarily in Central Austin and surrounding areas.  We offer several levels of Adult Driver Education.  There are many reasons adults choose formal driving training. Some adults need just a simple refresher, some were licensed in another state and want to get a Texas driver’s license, and others have never driven and want to learn to drive. Easy Street Driving School will help you with all types of adult driver education.


Adult Behind the Wheel (BTW) options

Reserving Your Adult BTW Driving Lessons:

Before lessons can be scheduled, full payment must be made for the package or the select number of hours you wish to drive with us. You may pay online using PayPal or, you may call our office and request that we process your payment by phone (we use Square)!

If using PayPal, an automatic email will be sent to our office – be sure to include your contact  information when processing the payment. We will contact you to schedule the lessons.

If having your payment processed by phone, we will get general information from you, will review our schedule availability and then contact you back with a schedule.

If you are in need of lessons within a short or specific time frame, please contact our office prior to submitting a payment, to get a general idea of our availability! By doing so, you will avoid frustration if we are unable to accommodate your specific needs. We cannot not promise, hold or guarantee a schedule until payment is made in full (with valid permit/license). Sorry guys, with walk-in business and online services, we do not email our availability as it is subject to change, and does frequently.

Adult (18+)  BTW charge  is $395 for Six hours of driving, normally done in 4 (1 1/2 hour sessions)

Adult: August 1st we no longer provide our vehicle to take road test at any DPS

BTW charge by the hour cost  is $ 75 per hour (August 1st, 2018 there is a two hour minimum)

Special note: If you are between the ages of 18-24 with No Permit, the State of Texas requires  a “Six-hour Mandatory Classroom Training” be completed in order to obtain a permit. See our “Online” options for our Virtual Classroom offerings. You must possess a valid driving permit, license or a license with a “B” restriction before any BTW lessons can be scheduled with our school.

Please contact our school @ 512/507-7959 Prior to payment for scheduling availability

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