Adult Driving Classes

Austin Adult Driver Education

Easy Street Driving School offers an Austin adult driving school, primarily in Central Austin and surrounding area.  We offer several levels of Adult Driver Education, because there are many reasons adults choose formal driving training. Some adults need just a simple refresher,, some have licenses in other states and want to get a Texas driver’s license, and others have never driven and want to learn to drive. Easy Street Driving School will help you with all types of adult driver education. Contact us to schedule.


Adults Behind the Wheel (BTW) charges

Reserve Your Adult (BTW) Driving Lessons: You can call or use Contact us and check schedule availability.  Once payment is received we will return call with availability

Adult (18+)  Behind the Wheel (BTW) charge  is $395 for Six hours of driving, normally done in 4 (1 1/2 hour sessions)

Adult (experienced) One hour of Behind the Wheel (BTW) and use of car for the road test charge is $150

Adult Behind the Wheel (BTW) charge by the hour cost  is $ 75 per hour

(18-24) Mandatory Classroom Training and Testing Charge is $75.00 (Pre registering is required)

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